Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals. Funds from Title II are utilized to:

Improve teacher and principal quality.

Increase the number of high qualified teachers in the classroom.

Increase the number of high qualified principals in the schools.

Assist school districts and schools to increase student achievement.

Provide activities based on scientific research.

Provide high quality professional  development in all core subjects.

Provide teachers instructional strategies to improve skills.

Funds can be used to recruit and hire highly qualified teachers to reduce classroom sizes in K-3.




TITLE IV (Rural and Low Income Schools-RLIS Program)

Funds from Title IV are utilized to:

Assist rural school districts to improve the quality of instruction and student academic achievement.

Address goals for school improvement.

Develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction.

Provide teacher professional development.

Enhance technology integration and increase technology equipment.


Any parents or guardians wishing to provide input on these program activities, please
contact Bonnie Sands , COO Curiculmn & Instruction 304-354-7011.