We appreciate everyone’s questions about virtual school. Below are some FAQs. We are adding to them, and updating as more information becomes available and plans become more solid.

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Virtual School Frequently Asked Questions

 In Person Learning Virtual Learning
GradesPre K-12thK-12th
TeacherCalhoun County TeacherWV Certified Teacher and/or a Calhoun Teacher
Enrolled in Calhoun SchoolsYesYes
Computer providedYesYes
Meals providedDailyOnce per week pick up at school
Eligible for athletics/Band/ Co-Curricular programsYesYes
Free of ChargeYesYes
Attendance to CGCCYesYes

What grades have the virtual option?

  • Kindergarten – 12th grade. 
  • There are also virtual career and technical programs offered online.

How does it work?

  • Virtual Classes are a typically Self-Paced online WV curriculum accessed through platforms such as WV Virtual Schools, Edgenuity, and/ or Office 365
  • Requires family support, good internet, and communication with the Teachers.
  • Calhoun County will follow their virtual policy:

What about Pre School?

  • Pre-k is not required for WV children and does not have an online learning platform.  Parents do not have to enroll students in Pre-k.  

Who are the Teachers?

  • WV Virtual Schools is taught by WV certified Teachers and or Calhoun County Teachers
  • Calhoun will have a liaison between the virtual teacher and Calhoun schools, if the class is not being taught by a Calhoun teacher.  We want to make sure we are supporting our students.
  • Edgunity will be facilitated by Calhoun Teachers.

What about my student’s IEP? 

  • IEP team meeting would need to be held to discuss the change in placement and the students’ needs to ensure virtual school is the least restrictive and a successful model.  Virtual teachers are required to follow the IEP.

What do I do to sign up for virtual classes for my student?

How will I be able to tell if it works at my house or not? /What does the program look like?

How do I know Which program my child will be using?

  • We are still working on the platforms and they may change. Currently we are looking at:
    • WV Virtual is the option for students in grades k-5
    • Students in grades 6-12 may have a mixture of Edgunity and/or WV Virtual. These classes will be determined by the student’s schedule and needed courses
    • Meetings will be held with you, your principal, and/or counselor/ IEP team to determine student schedules.

What if it doesn’t work for us and we want to have another option?

  • There is a 14 calendar day grace period to determine if virtual school is a good option for you and your family.
  • Please notify your school/Calhoun teacher if virtual is not working.
  • We are may have an offline version of Edgunity for grades 6-12

How long are the virtual classes?

  • Virtual classes are semester courses
    •  September – December
    • January – May

How will I know what classes my student has?  

  • A meeting will be held with School Administration and appropriate staff to enroll your child and have the right classes assigned. 

How do I Communicate with the Virtual Teacher?

  • Office 365 emails are used for student communication.
  • Parent emails are strongly encouraged to be used for the parent contact, to help facilitate communication with virtual school teachers.

How much time do they have to spend on it each day?  

  • A Pacing guide is used to help keep students on track. The amount of time a student needs to work on assignments will vary by students.

When will virtual classes start?

  • Virtual Classes will start on September 8th  regardless of any date changes the Governor may issue to push back the start of school.

When can we Enroll in Virtual Classes?

  • Fall deadline: September  29, 2020
  • Winter deadline: February 12, 2021

How do grades work in the Virtual classes?

  • Grades earned in the online classes will be placed on the students report card and transcript to earn credit for the class.
  • Activities are graded and must be submitted by the deadline.

What if I want to homeschool my children?

  • You are more than welcome to drop from Calhoun County Schools to homeschool.
  • High School credits are not recognized from homeschool programs unless you are using a nationally accredited program that is recognized by the West Virginia Department of Education.
  • Once a parent chooses to home school, they are responsible for all aspects of their child’s education. This includes special education and related services that were covered under an IEP. The student is no longer enrolled in Calhoun County Schools.
    • When/ If you want to return to Calhoun County schools, then the student will need to go through the eligibility process for an IEP to obtain services again.

What happens if the governor closes in person school down?

  • Students in virtual school will continue their classes as scheduled
  • Students who attended the physical school building will move to a remote learning  which is a blended learning experience, allowing the education to continue at home with use of TEAMS. Teams has a call-in feature that can be used with a regular house phone.
  • Our goal is to have more project-based learning that students can completed at home.

I hear Virtual School is hard, and I worry my student will not be able to do it.

  • Adjusting to not having a teacher in the classroom. Calhoun County Schools will provide a teacher and/or liaison/tutor to check on your students’ progress and help keep them on track and successful.
  • Expectations of rigor (encourages students to think critically, creatively, and more flexibly) may be different than what students have previously experienced.  The content is the same level used nationally and AP students tend to do better on the CollegeBoard exams because of the rigor.

DEMO Account info for Edgenuity

  To help you learn more about 6–12 virtual learning solutions, we’re delighted to give you your first look inside the Edgenuity student experiences that Calhoun County Schools will be using for grades 6-12 at CCMHS. Please note that any data compiled on this trial account, including assignments and student data, will not be saved.    

Edgenuity Trial Account Information: Products/Courses for Trial
WV-Algebra I, WV-Biology , WV-Civics WV-Earth and Space Science, WV-English Language Arts 10 , WV-English Language Arts 9, WV-Science 8, WV-Social Studies 6, WV-World Studies  

You can log in to your trial at: Student view:

Below you’ll find usernames and passwords your staff can use to access your Edgenuity trial, effective now through 9/28/20. .

Usernames Password (same for all usernames)
ccsdemo71 ccsdemo

DEMO accounts for WV LEARNS

WV Learns Sample Lessons  for Grades k-5

Access this demo at https://flvsdemo-vqddpnyxv8.agilixbuzz.com/.

Login as a student:
Username: student
Password: k93p3pyb

The demo will expire on 8/31/2020.