This fluid document may need to be added to and updated as more information becomes available.  If Calhoun County experiences an increase in COVID-19 cases, the recommended school schedule will be changed and adjusted.   Only an executive order from the Governor can institute full remote learning.   If an outbreak occurs and a stay at home order is issued, all students will complete assignments remotely five days a week.    All additions and updates will be communicated to board members through email between board meetings and will be updated at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  

Calhoun County Schools will follow all of the West Virginia Department of Education and the West Virginia Health and Human Resources requirements in the Re-Entry document. 

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 should not report to any school location until cleared by a medical professional.  Any person that has traveled to an identified hot spot or traveled outside the United States will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.    Anyone at Calhoun County Schools showing any of the signs of COVID-19, will be asked to leave immediately and seek medical assistance.   If this is a student, they will be placed in a specific location where they can be monitored until a parent can pick the student up and seek medical attention.  If necessary, Calhoun County Schools will seek medical attention for the student.  

Calhoun County Re-Entry Committees are recommending that Calhoun County Schools start school with in-person classes 5 days a week for all students.   We believe that it is essential to provide deep cleaning daily of high touch areas for the health and safety of our students.  Therefore, we are recommending that three additional custodians be employed, one at each school to help with the deep cleaning.  All custodians’ schedules will be adjusted to accommodate the necessary deep cleaning.   The additional custodians will be employed to work the day shift to provide additional cleaning while students are present.  High traffic areas will be cleaned on a rotating schedule so that all areas are cleaned frequently during the day.

Phase-In Re-Entry Schedule

DateGrade Report for in person learningAssignments for other  grade levels at home
September 8thK, 5, 9Review  Re-Entry plan and student packets.
September 9th1, 6, 10Review  Re-Entry plan and student packets.
September 10th2, 7, 11Review  Re-Entry plan and student packets.
September 11thAll Students report for in person learning 
September 14th1st day for Pre-KScreenings for 3 year olds will take place September 8th-11 by appointment.

For all Calhoun County Schools’ Students beginning September 8.

School Options

Students attend classes in-person dailyTraditional school setting.
Students in grades 1-12 participate in Virtual Leaning facilitated through WVDE.  Self-paced online courses accessed with internet and computer.
For students absent from in-person learning for a period of three weeks or more due to an injury or illness as certified by a licensed physician.Instruction designed to help students complete academic assignments made during their absence and to facilitate their successful transition back to in-person learning.   For more information contact Jeannie Bennett-Yoak Email:
Initiated by Governor Justice to minimize COVID-19 by temporarily suspending all in-person leaning.  Students will receive alternative assignments by Calhoun County Educators.
Initiated by Mrs. Whytsell to provide instruction to Calhoun County StudentsFor Weather related emergencies.
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