Benchmark Celebration


Every year, students are given a benchmark test similar to the end of the year test (GSA) to determine the growth of each student academically throughout the year. We polled the students in 6th-8th grades to see what would motivate them to do their best on the benchmark, and their answer was a movie and pizza. 

As a caring staff who wants each student to succeed, we wanted to make this happen. During the week of Feb. 28 students took their 3rd and final Benchmark Test before the end of the year GSA. Students who demonstrated academic growth in either Math or ELA and had good behavior were eligible to participate in the Pizza and Movie on Friday, March 4, 2022. 

During the planning of this reward, our staff reached out to local businesses who were more than willing to donate items to help us celebrate our students’ academic growth. We would like to give a huge thanks to: 

The Hot Spot for donating 14 pizzas and Miller’s Kwik Stop for donating 12 pizzas for our students. We would also like to thank Grantsville Foodland who provided chips and drinks. We are blessed to be in a county that wants to celebrate the academic success of students. As a staff, we believe our students were very appreciative to our local businesses’ donations. This just proves to our students those members of their community want to recognize and celebrate their achievements.