Calhoun County Schools Summer 2022 Bus Routes

Bus Schedule A.M. Routes 

 North Route 1

Route 16 North-DHHR 7:20 AM, Rt 16 North Entrance of Yellow Creek 7:35 AM, Five Forks 7:40 AM, Pleasant Hill Elementary 7:43 AM,  Vaughn Road, 7:46 AM, Calhoun Banks 7:50 AM, Minnie Hamilton 7:52 AM , Calhoun Middle High School


North End Route 2

Starts at Creston 7:25 AM, Annomariah Rd 7:30 AM, Monday Road 7:33 AM, Rt 5 Entrance of Yellow Creek 7:36 AM, Furs Auto 7:42 AM, Leading Creek 7:46 AM: Court House 7:50 AM, Foodland/Old High School 7:53 AM, Calhoun Middle High School


South End Route 1,

Start at Stinson Store 7:20 AM, Rt 1 Walnut Rd 7:24 AM, Oka Rd  (West Fork Riding Ring) 7:28 AM , Rt 16 Sears Run Road 7:31 AM, R16 Milo Road 7:35 AM, Rt 16 Nicut 7:40, Crummies Creek 7:43, The Y 7:51, Calhoun Middle High School.


South End Route 2

Henrys Fork 7:20 AM, Rt 33 Pink Rd 7:24 AM, Rt 33 Beech/Jesse Run Rd 7:27 AM, Altizer Rd 7:31 AM, Rt 33 Spring Run Rd 7:34 AM, Rt 33 Sassafras Rd 7:45 AM, Russet Rd 7:55 AM, Calhoun Middle High School


Bus Schedule P.M. Routes - Reversal of morning routes with departure time from Calhoun Middle High School 

These bus routes are subject to change depending upon student enrollment on already established routes.  Times are estimates only and parents are asked to have children there early on the first day and be prepared to wait beyond the announced arrival time.  Parents must be there to receive their children, as the bus cannot wait for long period of time. 

 Any changes in bus routes and/or schedules will be announced to children and parents, if possible, at least one day before changes are made. 


Anyone having questions can call Michael Fitzwater, 304-354-7011, Ext. 315.