Science Fair

For the next two weeks, all CMHS students have an opportunity to register for the CMHS Science Fair. This event will be held concurrently with the Calhoun County Science Fair on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at CMHS. We will host participating students from all five schools in the county. The very best projects will proceed to the regional and state science fairs.

 To register and for help with project ideas, middle school students should contact Holly Wilson at High school students should contact me at

We would be more than happy to help any students put together a great project, or to answer any questions along the way. Appointments can be set up as needed.

The key to each project is that it must be an EXPERIMENT in one of the following categories, NOT a demonstration.

 List of Acceptable Project Categories:

Grade 5 Categories: Elementary-Categories.pdf (

Grades 6-8 Categories: Middle-Categories.pdf (

Grades 9-12 Categories: Book.pdf ( 

WV Science and Engineering Fair Middle School Categories

• Computational Biomodeling • Computational Epidemiology • Computational Evolutionary • Biology PHYSICS • Computational Neuroscience

WV Science and Engineering Fair Elementary Categories

WV Science and Engineering Fair Elementary Categories The ten categories (Animal Science, Plant Science, Behavioral and Social Science, Chemistry, Physicsand

Additional Resources for Participants:

Steps-to-a-Successful-Project.pdf (

WVSEF-Rules-2023-Updated-20221130.pdf (


35. Electronic devices (personal laptops, tablets, DVD players, MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, handheld gaming equipment, or audio recorders) may be incorporated into the physical display and/or

WV Science and Engineering Fair Steps to a Successful Project

13. Write your abstract (required): Using the required form, write an abstract. Include a clean copy of the abstract with your display. You will also need to submit your abstract when